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Remembering how I enjoyed the time I spent baking in the kitchen with my mother as a young girl, I decided to start baking treats for friends and family while at home after my second son was born.
It wasn’t long before people were asking me for business cards and recommending me to people they knew. I researched furthering my education and enrolled in culinary school where I graduated with an Associates Degree in the Baking and Pastry Arts in 2013.
Curiouser and Curiouser Bakes has been an adventure and a challenge, but one that I have found to be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. Nothing brings me more joy than “baking people happy.”


Our Mission...

CnC Bakes strives to fulfill our motto by providing "Whatever bakes you happy."

I bring my passion for flavor and technique to every dessert and promise to do my best to make anything work - A new flavor combination, special orders for allergies such as gluten or lactose free, or even vegan recipes. There is no menu posted since every order is custom-made and any flavor imaginable can be discussed!